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Now in its second edition, Practical Statistics for Nursing and Health Care provides a sound foundation for nursing, midwifery and other health care students and early career professionals, guiding readers through the often daunting subject of statistics ‘from scratch’. Making no assumptions about one’s existing knowledge, the text develops in complexity as the material and concepts become more familiar, allowing readers to build the confidence and skills to apply various formula and techniques to their own data. 

The authors explain common methods of interpreting data sets and explore basic statistical principles that enable nurses and health care professionals to decide on suitable treatment, as well as equipping readers with the tools to critically appraise clinical trials and epidemiology journals. 

Offers information on statistics presented in a clear, straightforward manner Covers all basic statistical concepts and tests, and includes worked examples, case studies, and data sets Provides an understanding of how data collected can be processed for the patients’ benefit Contains a new section on how to calculate and use percentiles Written for students, qualified nurses and other healthcare professionals, Practical Statistics for Nursing and Health Care is a hands-on guide to gaining rapid proficiency in statistics.

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