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  • Автор: Cameron M. Smith
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  • Дата: 20 июнь 2021
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Study the science of all of us 

Anthropology is the organized study of what makes humans human. It takes an objective step back to view homo sapiens as a species and ask questions like: Given our common characteristics, why aren’t all of us exactly the same? Why do people across the world have variable skin and hair color and so many inventive ways to say hello? And how can knowing the reasons behind our differences—as well as our similarities—teach us useful lessons for the future? The updated edition of Anthropology For Dummies gives you a panoramic view of the fascinating fieldwork and theory that seeks to answer these questions—and helps you view the human world through impartial, anthropological eyes. 

Keeping the jargon to a minimum, Anthropology For Dummies explores the four main subdivisions of the discipline, from the adventurous Indiana Jones territory of archaeology and the hands-on biological insights provided by our physical nature to the studious book-cracking brainwork of cultural and linguistic investigation. Along the way, you’ll journey deep into our prehistory where we begin to differentiate ourselves from our primate relatives—and then fast forward into the possibilities of centuries yet to come. 

Explore the history of anthropology and apply its methods Get a deep, scientific take on contemporary debates such as identity Excavate the human past through new fossil discoveries Peer into humanity’s future in space Whether you’re studying anthropology for school or just want to know more about what makes us humans who we are, this is the perfect introduction to humanity’s past and present—and a clue to what we need to build a better future.

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